victoria mobile cinema

Cinema everywhere

Mobile screening services from Victoria Cinemas Mobile are the ideal solution for screening films or any event (concerts, theater performances, sporting events and any kind of event) in any location.

The mobile cinema can be installed in minutes.

It is so flexible that it can be placed on any surface. Choose the venue and in no time everything will be ready for a perfect night of viewing under the stars!!!

Festival Organization

Victoria Cinemas mobile can provide you with its state-of-the-art equipment combined with a large archive of copyrighted films (for children and adults).

It can also undertake coverage for the broadcast of cultural or sporting events.

Advertising in External Areas

Our company is able to advertise your business or the brand you want to promote through the giant screen we provide.

With a spot that can be played in your space or in the space of any event, or by covering the screen with your brand.